In every walk in nature man receives much more than he seeks.


Take the cable car up to 1200m, it goes along the path towards the shelter of the Most Croz. The duration is about one hour but you do only in altitude 100m in height to reach a small hut at the foot of the Brenta Gorge. Walk very scenic and not at all demanding, also recommended for families! Here it is a crossroads: either descend to Molveno from the forest road (60 minutes)
or continue the ride to the Refuge Selvata (categorical boots!) And Malga Andalo and then descend to Molveno (about 3 hours).


12 km !!! Consider 2.30h, with climbs, descents, to photograph landscapes, beaches to explore but also stories to read! Throughout the route of the message boards you will explain the curiosity about the lake and in Molveno, a way so to learn about the environment around you.


Many walks that you can do with the stroller in tow, so without having to equip the heavy backpack or son in your arms! The visit to the mills and the old Venetian Sawmill, the St. Anthony Walk, The Roman bridge along the lake, or why not, around the lake, but Bior!


For the more daring it is sure to make a flight in duplicate with Paragliding. With patented instructors Molveno you can see from above, with rounds of 40 to 1h30minuti! Originating in Molveno are Luke and Nicholas Donini, samples Italian paragliding, father and son, that just in 2016 equaled the performance reaching tied for first place the Italian general classification! In June 2016 Molveno hosted the Acrobatic Paragliding Championships and the local association AcroFly team never fails to work out on to the lake, offering a spectacle of acrobatics free to all!


The Mountain Bike is not only a means of transport but a real sport that is spread over more than 300km of trails on Paganella, Monte Gazza and Pradel! The Bike Park in Fai della Paganella offers fans 5 trails with different difficulties, which have been for years hosted the World Cup in this class! An incredible choice of routes All -Mountain / Enduro, in the middle of the
Nature of the Brenta Dolomites. All these routes are reserved for experienced, equipped with means preferably all-montain / enduro, with good technical background. For these routes we are strongly recommended the use of GPS instruments, Backpacks with spare parts and equipment, and appropriate personal protection such as helmets all-mountain / enduro, elbow pads, knee pads, gloves. Allow routes of 40-60 km with negative altitude higher than 3,000 / 4,000 meters to be made in a day.


Stand Up Paddle is the sport of the moment! While standing on a surfboard, it moves paddling on the waters of Lake Molveno. always ready instructors will provide the suit and the equipment to spread this sport that allows you to create a big connection to water and be all 'one with it!


In summer the Paganella offers beautiful walks on this very exploited in winter. The most spectacular to do is definitely get on top (2100m) by cable car and head towards the Bait del Germano (2.30h). On clear days you can see clearly on Lake Garda! The views of the Brenta is fabulous but you can also see in the distance the mountains of neighboring Austria! Alternatively
to this walk is the normal descent from the peak, 1000 meters in altitude that are happily interrupted by a visit to a pasture with animals, or to a shelter or even to Biblioigloo!

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