Lake Molveno

Lake Molveno is the second largest and deepest among the inland lakes of Trentino. This expanse of swimming water, the incredible variety of colors, size 4.5 to 1.5 km in length and in width, in its maximum, reaches a depth of 124 m. What strikes the visitor at the first sight of Lake Molveno and the clarity of its waters, collected from the Brenta peaks and slopes of the Paganella. An extraordinary succession of shades of blue and green invites the gaze to confuse the water and its shores, as if the maple woods, dogwood, hazel and birch tuffassero second role at the lake shores. The richness of the fish fauna of Lake Molveno, a natural habitat for perch, marble trout and char, and the result of the care with which the plateau inhabitants over the centuries have defended this ecosystem. Lake Molveno was also awarded this year for the fifth consecutive year, with the five sails of Legambiente, the highest award for environmental quality, environmental protection and the commitment to the preservation of the lakes in Italy.


Village of just under 1000 inhabitants, the historic center of Molveno has a fine variety of homes each a different color! Walking in the street centers, where all the shops, you notice the multitude of shades that distinguishes this center. Each store offers something typical, such as jams, bread, weaving and why not, even grappa! Sure to visit the home of the late director Emmer, author of several programs such as the Carousel. For here there is still the home of his family in which he never wanted to make changes to restructure and even brings the air of a house full of history and theatrics.

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